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San Antonio's Best Deep Tissue Massage Therapists

First time clients receive 10% off their first session Monday through Thursday.

*Excludes 30 mins Sessions & Ashiatsu*

Our Services

Deep Tissue Massage

A classic technique using therapeutic soft tissue manipulation to ease muscular tension and stress while providing deep relaxation and a sense of renewal.


  • 30 Minute = $48
  • 50 Minute = $82
  • 80 Minute = $130
  • 110 Minute = $164

Sports Massage

Sports focuses on muscles and connective tissue deep within the body. It also incorporates stretching and maybe specific to a certain area of the body.


  • 30 Minute = $48
  • 50 Minute = $82
  • 80 Minute = $130
  • 110 Minute = $164


Manipulation of the body’s soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation.


  • 30 Minute = $48
  • 50 Minute = $82
  • 80 Minute = $130
  • 120 Minute = $164


Uses massage oils to facilitate smooth, gliding strokes over the entire body.


  • 30 Minute = $48
  • 50 Minute = $82
  • 80 Minute = $130
  • 120 Minute = $164


Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts silicone cups on your body for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including: pain relief, inflammation, circulation, relaxation and well-being. It can be combined with deep tissue to help alleviate the discomfort.


  • 30 Minute = $48
  • 50 Minute = $82
  • 80 Minute = $130
  • 110 Minute = $164


Ashiatsu is a massage technique that involves feet which helps deliver deep compression, long sliding strokes with assisted stretching.


  • 30 Minute = $60
  • 50 Minute = $105
  • 80 Minute = $160
  • 110 Minute = $210


An instrument used to assist soft tissue mobilization that allows for precise detection and treatment of facial restrictions as well as muscle and tendon dysfunction.


  • 15 Minute = $25

Our Package & Membership

Massage Session

60 Minutes

4 Pack = $304 (Save $16)


Green Membership

$25 Monthly

Valid Monday – Thursday only

  • 25% off | Massage
  • 50% off | Aroma
  • 50% off | Hot Stones
  • 15% off | Birthday Massage
  • 15% off | Gift Cards

Free Hot Towels | Stretch Session (30 min=$35) | Bring a friend once a month (25% off)

About Us

Our massage service include deep tissue massage, ashiatsu massage, therapeutic sports massage, and more. Evolving Bodywork is a massage studio in San Antonio, TX, for your comfort and relaxation. We have created a family-oriented environment that facilitates true healing as guests feel welcomed to lift the weight of the world off of their shoulders.

Whether you’re troubled with lasting pain from an injury that just won’t fade away or simply need a moment of self-care to refresh yourself after a stressful week, RELIEF IS POSSIBLE!!!

Meet Our Team


I'm Shaunna, I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports massage, and Therapeutic work like frozen shoulder, Sciatica, upper and lower back pain to help my clients with their range of motion and getting rid of aches and pains. I've been a Therapist since October of 2021 and I love to see my clients leave our studio better than when they came in. I utilize the massage gun, cupping, and scraping to help my clients achieve their goals. I tell my clients"You're going to be sore for a few days, however, you'll feel much better afterwards".


You know how people can go weeks, possibly months with pain from their daily lives? I'm a Massage Therapist, with 10 years of experience, who specializes in Deep Tissue, Sciatica, stiff neck, frozen shoulder , and your normal back pain. I use other modalities like Gua-sha, Cupping, and the Graston technique, in assisting to alleviate pain. My motto is, "it hurts so good."


I am a massage therapist that has a background in kinesiology and exercise science. My work in massage therapy consists in sport massages and dynamic stretching focused to fellow athletes. If i'm not working on athletic clients, then my other work includes Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, and Oncology massages. My main goal for each session is removing the pain to replenish the gain that each client will receive when getting massage and bodywork here at Evolving Bodywork.


Hello my name is Kollington, I have been working as a massage therapist for 8 years, I do not specialize in one modality, but prefer to use a combination of modalities to provide the most optimal session for the client, ranging from relaxing, deep tissue, sports, maternity to therapeutic. I have a basic knowledge and understanding of cupping techniques, trigger point, and scraping tools(nu wave scraping tool)


Hi, my name is Andrew; I have been a massage therapist for 4 years who loves a challenge working with clients who need bodywork adjustments. I take care of stiff back, neck and shoulders. I also work on sciatica and do stretching. For those who want to get worked on and see results, you came to the right guy. Tools I love using are cups and the therapeutic gun. I like to comfort my clients with a game plan and a warm towel. My motto that I like to use "If you're not first, you're last."

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deep Tissue hurt?

Yes it does for the 2 days, however, you’re going to feel amazing on the 3rd day after your session.

Do you offer Cupping?

Yes we do as well as other techniques like Qua-sha, and the Graston Technique.

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